I'm a reporter, photographer. Coming from Paris, France, I moved to New York City in 2012 to study at Sarah Lawrence College.

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5 prevailing themes at ad:tech NY 2015

An investment in knowledge pays the best return, especially when it comes to learning about marketing, branding and technology.

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How to safely create shareable content 

Brands are creating fun and shareable content, but the problem with content that is easily shareable is it's hard to manage and legally protect.

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The Renaissance of email marketing

Email newsletters, though once deemed passé, are back in style.

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A guide for bae to understand Generation Z

To all brands out there who are considering using the terms “bae” or “fleek” in their next ad campaign, I have one piece of advice: Don’t. Those terms are already out of style.

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Why programmatic media should focus on storytelling

In an age where data reins king, storytelling is the real hero.

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What the cool kids are talking about

Users want to experience moments and real-life conversations.

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Why interactive content is booming

During ad:tech's opening day press briefing in New York City, three companies spoke to a handful of reporters about the power of video content and the emerging technologies brands need to know about. Here is what we discovered.

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How to overcome ad blocking 

Users are captivated by flaws. That’s why when people find out about ad blocking they immediately want to give it a try.

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Creating and protecting branded content

Brands are in a never-ending battle to make their content seen while maintaining their rights to their core identity.